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We exist to serve people with great CBD products which bring health, wellness and happiness.

Freshest Hemp Buds
Locally grown by Georgia Hemp Farmers our fresh, high quality products will never disappoint.
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Tested by world-class Biochemists at a USA DEA Registered Facility for heavy metals, pesticides, and cannabinoid profiles.
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The Lilu Farms Story 

Lilu Farms, based in Savannah, Georgia is a team of experienced entrepreneurs in partnership with some of the world-leading product formulation specialists. We believe in the healing powers of CBD and THC and want you to enjoy the benefits. The company is focused on bringing to market the best blends of CBD products and delivers globally. 

Our high-quality Delta 8 THC from hemp is in great demand and we are quickly becoming one of the leading CBD brands for the premium market. We offer a range of THC and CBD products for all of your recreational and medicinal needs.

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